Wolf's Rain - Wolf's Rain OST vol 2

01 April, 2008

Wolf's Rain (ウルフズ・レイン) is an anime series created by writer and story editor Keiko Nobumoto and produced by BONES. The series was directed by Tensai Okamura and featured character designs by Toshiro Kawamoto with a soundtrack produced and arranged by Yoko Kanno. It focuses on the lives of four lone wolves who meet while following the scent of the Lunar Flowers. They form a pack and decide to seek out the Flower Maiden in order to open the way to paradise. Along the way they must avoid a fanatical wolf hunter and the nobles who wish to use the Flower Maiden to create their own paradise.

All of the music for the Wolf's Rain soundtrack was composed and arranged by Yoko Kanno. The vocal songs are performed by various artists, including Maaya Sakamoto, Raj Ramayya, Ilaria Graziano, Steve Conte, and Joyce, and they were recorded around the world, including Japan, Poland, Brazil, the United States, and Italy to offer a diverse range of music and give the soundtrack an international flavor.[12] Two CD soundtracks, produced by Yoko Kanno, Toshiaki Ota, and Shiro Sasaki, were released in Japan by Victor Entertainment.

Wolf's Rain Original Soundtrack, Volume 2 was released on January 21, 2004. It contains an additional 23 tracks, including the closing theme for the final episode of the main series "Tell Me What The Rain Knows." It also includes background music from the final episode not included in the broadcast version, and music from the four OVA episodes. The second CD has not been licensed for release outside of Japan.

Source: Wikipedia