Rozen Maiden Träumend OST 2

10 April, 2008

Rozen Maiden (ローゼンメイデン, Rōzen Meiden?) is a manga by the group Peach-Pit, with an anime series of the same name.[1] The story centers around Sakurada Jun, a young hikikomori boy that finds himself indebted to a living doll by the name of Shinku. Jun's sometimes comedic, sometimes dramatic, experiences with Shinku--as well as the other six dolls of the Rozen Maiden--slowly bring him out of his depression and back into the world that he had abandoned.
In TV Asahi's "Top 100 Anime Ranking" polled in 2006, Rozen Maiden was ranked 9th on the list.

Jun Sakurada is a Junior High School student who refuses to go to school after being traumatized by an embarrassing experience there (see Hikikomori). He has taken to locking himself in his room, never leaving the house, and spends the day ordering supernatural goods online. His older sister, Nori Sakurada, does everything she can to brighten Jun's dreary existence, but is unable to change his situation.

Rozen Maiden OST is the original sound track based on the anime, Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden Träumend (second season).

Soundtrack by: Shinkichi Mitsumune
Released: 2004

Source: Wikipedia