RahXephon O.S.T. 2

03 April, 2008

RahXephon O.S.T. 2
is the second soundtrack album from the anime series RahXephon. All music and lyrics are by Ichiko Hashimoto and performed by her. She is again joined by her sister Mayumi Hashimoto on the song "Yume no Tamago (Egg of the Dream)". Houko Kuwashima, the voice of Quon, also sings on this album.

Hashimoto described this as "more organic" than the first soundtrack, and it contains some music that was recorded after the series had begun airing.[1]

The theme of "La, la Maladie du Sommeil" is from from Polovetsian Dances. This track is featured on the album Junsyoku Brilliant (緋色brilliant, Junsyoku Brilliant?) (VICL-61796).

The cover features a painting of the character Reika.

Soundtrack by Ichiko Hashimoto
Released May 2, 2002
Producer Yoshimoto Ishikawa

Source: Wikipedia