Love Hina

08 April, 2008

Love Hina (ラブ ひな, Rabu Hina?) is an anime and manga series authored by Ken Akamatsu. The manga won the Kodansha Manga Award for best shōnen title in 2001[1] and the "Best Manga, USA Release" at the 2002 Anime Expo. The manga consists of 14 volumes. The anime is 25 episodes long and is supplemented with Christmas and Spring movies and the Love Hina Again OVA. There are also two novels from Love Hina, both named Love Hina: the novel (both written by the series' anime screenwriters, volume 1 by Sho Aikawa (as Kurou Hazuki), volume 2 by Hiroyuki Kawasaki), which have been released in Japan and have been released in the US by Tokyopop, the US publisher of the manga.

The story is a shōnen comedy about a clumsy young man named Keitaro Urashima with an unparalleled amount of personal drive despite having horrible luck. After failing to get into Tokyo U (the college of his dreams), he visits his grandmother's onsen only to discover it has been turned into a girls' dorm. After his grandmother gives him the deed to the building, he has the tough job of being landlord, studying to get into Tokyo U, and dealing with the girls living there, who never pass up an opportunity to humiliate him.

Es un manga y anime de Ken Akamatsu. Premiada con el Premio Kōdansha al mejor manga en 2001 en la categoría Shōnen (少年, Shōnen?). Suele clasificarse como seinen manga o bien shōnen manga (para jóvenes adultos o para chicos adolescentes), aunque también se trata de una comedia romántica.

En Abril de 2000 se estrenó en TV Tokyo una serie de televisión, de 25 capítulos. También se estrenaron dos especiales de televisión y tres OVAs.

Source: Wikipedia