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07 April, 2008

is a Japanese visual novel developed by Key, and released on September 8, 2000. The original version, first available on the PC, contains a minimal amount of adult-only content of a sexual nature. Subsequent "clean" versions were sold playable on the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2. The PC version with adult content was re-released with added support for Windows 2000/XP under the name Air Standard Edition. The last releases of Air were made available to play on the PlayStation Portable, and SoftBank 3G and FOMA cell phones.

This is a list of soundtracks attributed to the visual novel and anime media types of the Japanese series Air. The first music album released was Ornithopter which came bundled with the original release of Air in September 2000. The next release in August 2001 was a maxi single entited Natsukage / nostalgia containing a vocal version of "Summer Lights" (夏影, Natsukage?), one of the background music tracks from the original game, and a B-side track; both songs were sung by Lia and the rest of the single was produced by Jun Maeda. The game's original soundtrack was released in September 2002 containing two discs with thirty-one different tracks along with remix and instrumental versions of the opening and ending themes. A piano arrange album was released in December 2003 called Re-feel which contained five tracks from Air and five from Kanon. An LP album containing original versions of the three theme songs plus remixed versions of the opening and ending themes was released in May 2006 called Air Analog Collector's Edition Tori no Uta / Farewell song. Each of the albums released for the visual novel version were released on Key's record label Key Sounds Label. The movie's original soundtrack was released in March 2005 by Frontier Works. "The soundtrack for...the game has received much praise, high sales and also some controversy since it was originally released," states the Air information page on the website

Released: September 27, 2002

Source: Wikipedia