Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex OST (Be Human)

28 March, 2008

Be Human
is a mini-album consisting of selected soundtracks from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime series, as composed by Yoko Kanno. More importantly, it features songs relating to Tachikomas, the famous think tanks from Ghost in the Shell, and thus, a lot of the songs are from the mini series, タチコマな日々, or Tachikoma Days. It features artists such as Scott Matthew, Gabriela Robin, Maaya Sakamoto and Sakiko Tamagawa, and was produced by Kanno, Victor Entertainment and Bandai. The CD inserts also feature a special glossy card with punch out Tachikoma parts which combine to create a paper Tachikoma.

Soundtrack by
: Yoko Kanno
Released: October 22, 2003
Label: Victor Entertainment, Bandai Entertainment
Producer: Yoko Kanno

Source: Wikipedia